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Biol. MSc. PhD.

Associate Professor

Animal Genetics Lab

Universidad de Antioquia


Calle 67 Nº 53-108 Lab. 7-304

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

E-mail: ivan.soto at

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I obtained my degree in Biology and MSc at the University of Antioquia. As an undergraduate and Master student, I was part of the Molecular Genetics lab (GENMOL) where I developed my skills in molecular techniques and I had the opportunity to study the anthropological genetics of native Colombians, and integrating molecular and historical data to understand the demographic history of a human isolate in North West Colombia.

I obtained my PhD degree in Conservation Genetics at the University of New Orleans, where I addressed the evolutionary dynamics of NUclear translocations of MiTochondrial DNA (NUMTs) in African Great Apes and their potential as cladistic markers.

I currently hold a faculty position at the University of Antioquia, where I lead the Animal Genetics Lab. I have broad interests in the biological diversity in the Neotropics, integrating genetic tools and field data to assess processes of diversification and resolve taxonomical issues and use this information for conservation purposes. I've also collaborated with projects in population genetics of mammals, birds, butterflies and plants.


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